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Online learning

Health Fundamentals Program

Everything you need to achieve your health goals, including weekly educational sessions, fitness training, meditation classes, and 1-on-1 health coaching support.

Learn how to live a healthy lifestyle in less than 12 weeks!

Self-paced (8 weeks)

For self-starters who want to learn at their own pace over 8 weeks.

Learn everything you need to start living a healthy lifestyle: food, focus, and fitness. 

At your own pace, on your schedule

8 weeks of educational content to learn the essential topics surrounding nutrition, movement, and mindfulness

Online fitness classes to help you reach your fitness goals

Guided support to implement the healthy habits you learn

Incremental steps to help you take action and start making changes

Health monitoring and progress checks from the TLC team

Optional add on: 1-on-1 health coaching*

Access to Wellness Plans and Al-La-Carte services

2 monthly payments of



Live online (10 weeks)

For those who have struggled to reach their health goals in the past.

The live version includes everything you need to achieve your health goals, including live weekly educational sessions, 1-on-1 health coaching support, and an online community of like-minded people.

Build lasting healthy habits with 1-on-1 support from health professionals

10 weeks of health support from the TLC team so you can learn to be healthy and see lasting results for you health habits surrounding food, focus, and fitness

Learn the why behind the what to healthy living through weekly live classes

In-depth health education so you can have a new awareness of health habits

Easy to follow step-by-step progression that makes healthy living manageable

Access to Wellness Plans and Al-La-Carte services

 *Most popular choice*

3 monthly payments of