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TLC is an integrative healthcare team that helps you live a healthy life.

With the support of doctors, health coaches, fitness trainers, and meditation teachers, we help you treat the root of your health problems by teaching you to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Lifestyle changes can solve your chronic health issues

Because we have doctors on our team we can diagnose and treat common lifestyle-based health issues with medical interventions and habit-based change.

With a healthy lifestyle you can treat:


High blood pressure



Food sensitivities


Heart disease


Autoimmune conditions

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We combine medical interventions with lifestyle-based change

Use food as medicine

By learning how to make delicious food choices, you can avoid and treat health problems. We guide you on what foods you should include in your diet to crowd out poor food choices.

Improve mental health

We teach you how it’s possible to maintain a state of calm and alertness and adopt the meditative state in your daily life to alleviate conditions like anxiety, depression, and irritability.

Movement without pain

We teach you to develop a fitness routine that you can stick to. Exercise changes your metabolism by maintaining lean muscle mass, increasing bone density, and providing healthy lymphatic circulation for less pain and a better mood.

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Get lifestyle support for new health habits

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Case Studies

The proof is in the pudding.

Anne Webster

Anne overcame Osteoporosis, Lichen Sclerosus, and constant anxiety without medical interventions

When Anne found out about Total Life Concept’s Health Fundamentals Program she felt the empowerment she had been looking for and finally was heard.


jasper welch

Jasper’s Heart Attack Was a Wake up Call

Running an array of businesses, coaching startups, and putting others first lead Jasper into a downward spiral of unhealthy habits. After a heart attack, Jasper decided it was the last chance to develop healthy eating and exercise habits.


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Learn healthier habits once and for all.

TLC teaches you how to live a healthy life over 12 weeks, allowing enough time and support to create the foundation for healthy habits that stick. Unlike the traditional approach, we work to eliminate the root of your health problems by supporting healthy lifestyles.

Meet with a health coach

With a free 1-on-1 discovery session, we determine your health goals and help create a plan that will work for you.

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Education & Support

With the Health fundamentals program you will learn how to live a healthy lifestyle through the pillars of food, focus, and fitness.

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Health Fundamentals Program

Learn the building blocks for a healthy lifestyle through the pillars of food, focus, and fitness. 

Personalized Wellness Plan

Make healthier habits permanent. Access ongoing individualized support from a doctor, fitness trainer, meditation teacher, and health coach. 

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Lets get started

Give Total Life Concept a try for FREE.

  • Build resilience, good habits, and live a better life overall.
  • Learn a practical approach to living healthy that works with your busy schedule.
  • End the cycle of trying to be healthy then slipping back into bad habits.
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